To connect with new friends, capture the good stuff, and spread inspiration to those seeking to do the most.

What brings me here:

  • I love putting words together and trying to make sense of things that don’t always make sense.
  • My friends and family have always told me I should write a book; this seemed like a less daunting first step.
  • I’m ready to share my skills with the world.
  • Due to listening to one too many self-help-lady-boss-podcasts, I’ve been feeling ~inspired~.

What brings you here? Maybe you are:

  • Looking for a freelance photog?
  • A recent college grad, too?
  • Seeking ways to maximize your time amidst a global pandemic?
  • Running out of social media feeds to scroll?
  • Curious to see where I’m going with this? (Me too, lol).

I’ll share with you how I’ve been maintaining personal and professional growth, wellness and balance.

I welcome you to stay awhile – or at least long enough to find a typo or two. Reach out to me if you love or hate what I have to say! Either way, I’m flattered you’ve made it this far.

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