Mama, I started a blog! Oh, and scored my dream job!

Welcome to Bad Year to Graduate (BYTG), primarily a blog where I’ll be sharing personal and professional anecdotes around

  • navigating adulthood
  • maintaining work-life-quarantine balance
  • creative passions

I’ve always wanted a place to share ideas and connect with people. I hope BYTG provides just that. I’ll be thrilled if this impacts just one person positively – I can’t even imagine containing my excitement if I impact even two, or ten, or twenty!

I openly welcome (and am pleading) for any and all feedback you have to offer. Explore BYTG and stick around long enough to explore my portfolios.

My first post is dedicated to Irony:

(defn): Irony is calling a blog “Bad Year to Graduate” even though I managed to land my dream job during such a “bad year.”

Next week, I will be starting my first ever big girl job at Marketing Insider Group (MIG) as the Director of Marketing Strategy and Client Services.

With the support of an all-star team, I’ll be working from home and helping to grow the company one day at a time. The fearless leader of MIG is Michael Brenner, CEO, author, keynote speaker – and already a fabulous boss. I first encountered Michael’s work by attending a Zoom Series held by West Chester University’s Department of Marketing, led by Professor Tom Elmer.

Shoutout Elmer! He has been my biggest advocate and #1 fan since we first met in his Marketing Strategy class. I’m so thankful that he connected me to Michael Brenner when the need arose to fill my new role.

Humble brag – I did win Elmer’s Fall 2019 Marketing Strategy award *air horns*

It still is a pretty bad year to graduate, isn’t it? I can recognize the missed opportunities, the tragedies around quarantine, and the uncertainties that still lie ahead. More apparent to me, though, is the beauty that surrounds us and the autonomy that we have over our own lives. For now, that’s what I’ll be focusing on.

After all, there’s a good chance that you’re my first visitor and that this still hasn’t even impacted one person yet…

It may be a bad year, but make it a good day!

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